Our “Partner for Life” philosophy is something we take very seriously here at Edupoint. We are committed to providing exceptional support and professional services to help our partner districts every step of the way, because there’s nothing more important to us than your success using Synergy.

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Customer-Centric, Responsive Support


Our Customer Resource Center (CRC) provides a level of service and support that is unmatched in the K-12 SIS market. When customer or technical support is needed, you have the flexibility of contacting the CRC by phone, email, or online HelpDesk. Our large support staff and four-hour contractual response time ensure that your questions and problems are addressed quickly and completely.

Get Fast Resolution on Support Issues

Need a little virtual help? Any one of our CRC specialists can open a dedicated GoToAssist™ session between their workstation and yours, where they will be able to see your issue in action and show you exactly how to solve your problem.

Online Help

Every implementation provides a context-sensitive online help system that includes Quick Reference Guides (short, step-by-step documentation for commonly performed tasks), video tutorials, and comprehensive technical documentation. You can also create your own documentation relating to district-specific tasks or customizations, for access by end users via a custom, district-created website.

You Close the Ticket

At Edupoint, we think the person most qualified to decide when an issue is resolved is the person who reported it. So it is not our CRC Team that decides when it’s time to close your Synergy HelpDesk tickets – it’s you. When a CRC Representative recommends your ticket for closure, you review the ticket summary and mark the ticket resolved or unresolved. If unresolved, CRC works with you to resolve it to your satisfaction.

Synergy HelpDesk

The Synergy HelpDesk is a powerful, online collaboration tool designed to keep track of issues and automatically manage them to resolution. Customers can log in 24/7 right from the Synergy interface to open a new ticket or view up-to-the-minute status information on existing tickets.

Technical Services


Let our Technical Services team take the burden off your IT staff. We provide several levels of hardware and software management services to meet your district’s needs.

Cloud Hosting 

Reduce operational costs and ensure optimal system performance with our Cloud Hosting service. Our Hosting Solutions Team manages all Synergy software – including the server OS – in the district’s test, training and production environments. This service includes upgrades, fixes, monitoring, support, and patching, as well as remote backup and disaster recovery to ensure data integrity and security in the event of a hardware failure or disaster. With a track record of 99.99% uptime, Cloud Hosting is a good fit for districts that cannot provide 24/7/365 support, or that want to offload server management activities to focus on core competencies.

Private Cloud Hosting

Our Private Cloud Hosting service includes everything that comes with our Cloud Hosting service, but in a private cloud environment with backend access to the Synergy database. Our Private Cloud Hosting service is for districts using Synergy Technology Development Toolkit for advanced customizations and for any district that prefers more control. Districts with our Private Cloud Hosting service do not have to maintain the hardware needed to run Synergy.

Release Management

With our Release Management service, Edupoint remotely performs Synergy application updates based on agreed-upon schedules and ensures that Synergy is working properly in test, training, and production environments. Release Management reduces the need for internal software support and lowers costs associated with training and total cost of ownership. Districts with Release Management continue to maintain their own hardware and operating systems.


Systems Engineering Consulting Services


Need Synergy expertise? Edupoint offers Systems Engineering Consulting Services to help you get things done faster with less demand on your IT staff. These services are performed by our Engineering Services Team which has extensive experience supporting, designing, and implementing K-12 education software solutions.

Process Consulting and Application Usage 
Save your district time, eliminate redundant or outdated processes, and optimize your operations. Our product experts work closely with you to understand your district’s current objectives, review your current processes, and provide you with recommendations for maximizing the value of your Synergy implementation. Recommendations may include additional training, product customizations or engineering services.

Systems Review
Thoroughly assess your hardware configuration and server farm maintenance process, receive recommendations, and implement recommended changes to ensure continued enterprise-level system performance.

LDAP Integration Design & Support
Determine the best approach for integrating Synergy with your Network Directory Services and receive assistance with user filtering, testing, and production integration.

Disaster Recovery Server Design & Specification
Assess server configuration and recovery goals, get recommendations for ensuring that your system is aligned with your goals, and receive assistance implementing approved recommendations.

Load Balancer Configuration & Best Practices
Assess configuration of load balancer and get recommendations for aligning with Edupoint best practices.


Synergy System Design
Based on the size of your district, we will provide a detailed design for the hardware and software needed for an initial Synergy installation or a system redesign.

SQL Server Review
Assess server performance, configuration, reliability, and recoverability, get recommendations for aligning with best practices, and receive assistance making approved changes.

Database Administrator Services
Receive monthly monitoring, optimization, updating, and backup and restore of databases. These services must be preceded by either a Systems Review or SQL Server Review so that the environment is in a known good state. This is a monthly service with an annual contract.

Annual Disaster Recovery Testing
Test disaster recovery processes and systems to ensure they meet your desired Recovery Point and Recovery Time objectives. Any issues will be documented and recommended changes will be made to correct the problems.

Systems Configuration Health Check
Ensure that operating systems and database management systems are up to date, manage table sizes, check for system errors, and verify Synergy patching process.

Product Consulting


Product Consulting services are designed to help you understand the latest features and functionality available to you while empowering you to get more out of the Synergy processes you may already be using. Our experienced product experts will work with you to analyze your current system, understand your current usage as well as future needs, and provide recommendations for improvement.

New Feature Review

See the latest Synergy features and enhancements and discover how they can address your district’s current needs and objectives. This review is designed for established client districts wishing to stay current with new product developments in order to maximize their use of Synergy.


Training in Underutilized Processes

Often, it’s the more technical processes within Synergy, and the ones that offer the greatest advantages to your district, that are not used to their full potential. Learn to harness the full power of Synergy to optimize system functionality and business processes while improving student outcomes. Learn how to use:

  • Custom Screens - Learn to add user-defined fields and tabs to existing system screens or create entirely new screens based upon your specific needs.
  • Workflows - Formalize processes you’re already following in your district and guide staff step-by-step through procedures that need to be followed correctly, such as documenting discipline issues and mass scheduling students.
  • Dashboards - Become comfortable with using Dashboard Widgets to present high-level, mission-critical data to users on their Synergy home page.
  • Rules Engine - Discover how to use the Rules Engine to develop effective data validation procedures that ensure that your district data is accurate and consistent.
  • Queries & Reports - Learn how to build queries in order to analyze data and report on your district’s progress toward goals. Become comfortable with advanced reporting features including Mail Merge, embedded SIREN reports, interactive Admin reports, and powerful SSRS reports with drill-down and charting capability. Learn to schedule predefined or custom reports to provide deeper real-time insights without the need to create reports from scratch.
  • Special Education Translation (for Synergy SE) - Learn to use Synergy SE’s built-in translation engine and say goodbye to using spreadsheets or word processing documents to manage your translations. After this training, you will be able to automatically translate documents such as IEPs, Evaluation Reports, Meeting Notices, Prior Written Notices, Parent Permissions, and Behavior Intervention Plans into dozens of supported languages.
  • Gradebook Setup Review - If it’s been a while since your Gradebook was configured, Gradebook Setup Review can help you validate the original setup (pre-defined assignments, category weighting settings, etc.) and ensure that your setup is optimized to meet the needs of your teachers today in the future.  

LMS Optimization Consulting

  • Gradebook Setup Review - Gradebook Setup Review helps you validate the original setup (pre-defined assignments, category weighting settings, etc.) and ensure that it’s optimized to meet your teachers’ needs. Our process includes recommendations for optimization and expansion and any related training, testing, and deployment.
  • Curriculum & Assessment Setup Review - Curriculum & Assessment Setup Review ensures optimum use of your LessonVUE and Synergy Assessment modules. Our process includes a configuration and application setup review, recommendations for optimization and expansion, and any related training, testing, and deployments.


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